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Spiritual & Family Constellations

Spiritual and Family Constellations Workshop: "The Mother Wound"

Mother wound healing, why is it crucial to reconnect with our mother?

The Mother.
Everything related to her, it is everything related to success, abundance, happiness and the fulfilment of life itself.
When we experience any interrupted movement towards her, we are denying to ourself the juice of life.
An interrupted movement may simply be a mother who is leaving her child at childcare, and the child is experiencing the first "separation" towards his nurturing figure. "The Goddess Mum".
Any of the following dynamics are all symptoms of an interrupted movement towards her: Eating disorder, water retention, affections addiction, failures, feeling of abandonment, depression, absence of work, success denial, self sabotage, period cramps, sexual issues, pregnancy and birth symptoms...

For women, entering the sphere of influence their mother it is so crucial to open up to their adulthood and to harmonious relationships.
It is equally important for men, as their mother it is their first love. So all of the others future relationships are based on it!

Over this five hours experiential workshop, we will approach The Mother Wound over different aspects and practices in order to regain connection with the mother energy.

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Location: Thomas Hogan Hall, 140 Francis St, Bondi NSW 2026