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"Who Is The Face Behind Your Symptom?"
Spiritual and Family Constellations

Are you experiencing any sort of physical symptom?
Symptoms are always looking to who is missing...Who is the face behind your symptom?

In this specific workshop, we will look closely to symptoms, commonly called illnesses.We look at symptom from as systemic point of view. Symptoms are a manifestation of who is missing.Who is your symptom look up to?Who is the face behind your symptom?We do not heal symptoms, we acknowledge what is the message of the symptom, at that stage the symptom lose its reason to exist.

Family Constellations have proven over the years to be the fastest and most influential tool for expansion. They have gained popularity behind the massive discoveries made by Bert Hellinger.
He was able to address how the majority of life issues, blocks, dramas, illness etc…are anchored within our lineage, within our family.
Those so called “dramas” and issues of life are an expression of our auric field, of what he called the order of love.
When there is no order into the expression and unfolding of our family, there is no harmony in our life. Disorder equals disharmony.
Through Family Constellation and with the use of the morphogenetic field, the field of information in which we are all connected as proven by quantum physics, the representatives are able to embody which sort of entanglements are creating an impact in our life.
Success, Money, Health, Relationships etc… everything is an expression of our current state of being on the soul level.
We are pleased to invite you to this experiential Family Constellation workshop, where each individual will have a taste of the effectiveness of this powerful tool of expansion.

Location: The Medicine Wheel, Bondi Junction