Family Constellations

Opening the curtain and getting to the root of what is limiting you to reach your full potential.

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What is a Family Constellation?

What is a Family Constellation?

Family Constellations are an evolving, dynamic and advancing therapy that was developed by German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger in 1970. Family Constellations, regularly called movement of the soul, are a living phenomenological experience.

Family Constellations have proven over the years to be the fastest and most influential tool for expansion. They have gained popularity behind the massive discoveries made by Bert Hellinger.

Through a great deal of observation and research, he was able to address how the majority of life issues, blocks, dramas, illness etc. are anchored within our lineage, within our family systems. Those so called “dramas” and issues of life are an expression of our auric field, of what he called the order of love. When there is no order in the expression and unfolding of our family system, there is no harmony in our life. Disorder equals disharmony.

A Family Constellation can be performed in either a one on one session using dolls as representatives of members in the family system, or in a group setting where members of the group are chosen to be representatives.

Through the use of the morphogenetic field, the field of information in which we are all connected as proven by quantum physics, representatives are able to embody which sort of entanglements are creating an impact in our life.

Who are Family Constellations for?

Anyone who is experiencing any sort of block, repeating pattern, physical symptom, toxic relationship, or a desire to upgrade their life.

How can Family Constellations help?

The Family Constellation process allows us to explore the invisible network of loyalties we all inherit from our family lineage. It’s a safe space to explore key issues that are bringing disharmony to our lives, wherever they originate.

Family Constellations are not about fixing, but rather about awareness, acknowledgement, inclusion, acceptance and they initiate a movement which will not only bring change into your personal life, but also into the lives of the relatives involved. The process is about recognising what is, without judgement.