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Tiziano Sguerso
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About Tiziano

“My belief is that you can only guide someone on a path that you yourself have walked!”

Tiziano Sguerso is a spiritual researcher, facilitator, writer, visionary, entrepreneur and former professional kickboxer. Through a systemic therapy approach, the science of relationships, family & spiritual constellations.
Tiziano works with people to restructure their life experiences in order to live their fullest potential.

Tiziano approaches every area of their life such as relationships, finances, repetitive toxic patterns, physical symptoms or so called “sickness”, etc… Helping them to bring order, so harmony into their systems.

Born on the day of the winter solstice, December 21st 1987 under the sign of Sagittarius; Tiziano’s path has led him through periods of great shadow even from an early age. Finding little if no connection with traditional school education, he has found his own education through powerful life experiences.

Guided by an innate discipline, intuition and curiosity, he began his spiritual path in Australia, working with different guides and teachers, giving him the opportunity to discover the great light, well-being, harmony and abundance within himself.

Driven by the endless search to discover the perfection and ease of this human experience, he has deeply studied human behavioural and relationship dynamics, where he now guides people, bringing to the surface the real nature and root of any circumstance present in the personal experience.

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